Costa Brava Bistro

5115 Bellaire Blvd. @ S. Rice
Bellaire, TX 77401


Costa Brava Bistro on Urbanspoon

HFGrated3This little spot on the corner of Bellaire and Rice is a new favorite of mine. Spanish in flavor, the offerings are all delicious. I enjoy their seafood items immensely. The roasted fish and paella are very tasty. The complimentary home brined olives and an ensuing tapenade of same is a treat and a overall delightful nibble. The atmosphere is simple, pleasant, attractive – in a neighborhoody sort of way, and almost elegant compared to the environs most often enjoyed by your food guy at lunch. This is a hands on eatery. The owner bustles from table to table insuring her guests are accommodated. Perhaps an oddity but it is important to pass along, the ice tea at Costa Brava is some of the best tasting brew I’ve enjoyed.

A stand out is the prix fixe menu, it is substantial and a bargain during the noon hour at or around twenty bucks. Included within; soup or salad, a real entrée, and an assortment of choices for dessert. Perfect! As a sweet lover I’ve found the rice pudding a treat and the crepes of any variety are yummy. There is something for everyone here… On my last visit I tried the White Bean Soup, a perfectly roasted veal tenderloin with a side of scrumptious fries and every one of  the sweets. I like rice pudding and this Spanish rendition, complex in its flavoring will appease such palate handily.

The wine list is small but thoughtful. A connoisseur will have little trouble navigating same.

No TV, thank God…! No Reservations yet, but bookings via Open Table are accommodated. Parking can be a bore at times, a la typical strip center availability. $$

The Prix Fixe Menu at lunch is one of the best deals in town…. WOW…! ~ $20.00

There is a lot to like about Costa Brava, the only negative, it’s not located in my neighborhood…! Try Costa Brava soonest….!

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