5512 La Branch St.
Museum District


Lucille's on Urbanspoon
HFGrated1.5I was really looking forward to Lucille’s when I first heard rumors of it’s inception. I thought, finally, a Houston eatery with highfalutin greens, coveted pot liquor, cornbread and savory yeasty type goods. Alas, I suffered a broken heart upon my initial visit. The staff was disinterested, the yeasty goodies were cold and the entrée’s were at best mediocre. I didn’t even bother with dessert and for your HFG that says it all…!

I applaud the Chef and wish him well but it was clear to this patron that he certainly must have been absent on the evening of my visit. Your intrepid Food Guy is fairly accomplished in the kitchen and quite familiar with the basics of down home cuisine. My greens are better. My rolls and biscuits are better and yes yea o verily my fried green tomatoes are (TDF).

The Mac was a crunchy cold mess and the highly acclaimed fries were an inedible congealed dogs breakfast.

I hope they pull it together because our town needs a Lucille’s type of spot. Perhaps only to round out this missing genre of foods. I will return and update this posting when I’ve been dosed by the Chef himself….!

VertLogo.aiWe are fortunate, please assist those that are not.

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