Kings Inn, Riviera, TX

1116 S County Road 2270  Riviera, TX 78379
(361) 297-5265

No website, but a page appears available.

Your Houston Food Guy is lucky to spend quality family time roaming around the South Texas environs (nee: Brush) on a somewhat regular basis. To such extent the Kings Inn in Riviera, pronounced: ( ree-ver-ah), has been a staple in our culinary repertoire for many years. The restaurant sits right on top of Baffin Bay, aka, ( Mud Hole) and such scenic overlook is better than sitting, al fresco, at a Houston Strip Center. Despite the continually updating interior and the slowly depleting exterior the newly re-HVAC’d glazed porch seating off the main dinning room provides an extraordinary view of this famous angling waterbody. Dear reader, as you will come to realize, the HFG already knows the order prior to arrival. The table enjoys;

The Avocado and Tomato salad,
Their unique tartar sauce, comes with the salad,
The Onion Rings,
Fried Shrimp, sold by the pound,
Fried Oysters as seasonally appropriate,
Skip the Dessert…!

The shrimp are the stand out here. They are Gulf shrimp and you can tell… These well sized rascals taste O’ The Sea, actually, it is the naturally occurring Iodine in their systems. This fact alone, to me, sets them apart from the average run of East Asian farm raised bottom dwellers / scavengers.

There are a few tricks to enhance your visit when prospectively dining at Kings Inn. Get a reservation. Call in advance, ASP, and book it so that you get tended to upon arrival. You will be lost without a confirmed seating and even then, when the house is rockin’ you might get hosed a tad. They are closed on Sunday and Monday.

The quality of the food is potentially outstanding, at least the order as offered above. Diner BEWARE, THE KITCHEN CAN BE NOTORIOUSLY varietal in the quality of its output. The ingredients are generally spot on, but the preparation dips and dives like a dove blowing into a sunflower patch. This inconsistency has become part of the package. All in all a great outing and not a undoable run from the “Big Tree”!

Merely a teaser… I truly believe my favorite fried shrimp, other than Galatoire’s, can be found at Tony Mandola’s , Shrimp Larry, 1212 Waugh Drive, 713.528.3474

For your convenience I’ve posted a map, here……


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