Sweet Gregory P’s

1171 South Port Drive, Port Mansfield, Texas 78598



Port Mansfield, Texas, angler’s paradise, or merely a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem…? The former I think…! I’m blessed to have a supportive family that allows me the flex to roam this outstanding region of South Texas. The result, I get to spend a good deal of time prowling around the Laguna Madre hunting Speckled Trout and Red Fish. Passions are good. A thorough and well thought out angling campaign generates a substantial appetite. Thanks to Mrs. Food Guy I’ve discovered a cure for related culinary emptiness. It’s the BBQ’d Turkey Sandwich at Sweet Gregory P’s. This discovery erupted on the scene, recently, when Mrs. HFG was looking for a little something lighter to quash the pangs of an early morning dawn patrol, something other than our ( the boys ) usual heavy intake of tasty beef and pork. Her initial foray into the relatively unknown realm of the BBQ’d Turkey offering was viewed by the beefeaters with some skepticism and a touch of humor. Talk about eating your words….! The Turkey she dove into was moist, flavorful and outrageously resplendent in every regard. Eureka….! Mrs. HFG had inadvertently stumbled upon the secret turkey sensation of this or any other millennia. A superb sandwich, devoid of any confusing additional accoutrement other than a soft freshly buttered and grilled/toasted  Kaiser (ish) bun. Choice of sauce, onions, pickles and peppers are available on the side. This excellent sandwich is a total blue ribbon winner and the standout Turkey should set the bar for other’s attempting to offer a similar repast. The homemade coconut pie is a treat as well…! Wow, the Turkey is a winner, hands down.


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