Central Market, Houston (Highland Village)

3815 Westheimer, Highland Village Area



Central Market is a very pleasant neighbor for a foodie. For me it is an enjoyable walk. Yes, I count my blessings, especially my “Hood”. CM reminds me of the cherished, now, long gone Jamail Brother’s on Kirby. In fact, the extraordinary meat monger from Jamail’s, the talented Brian Cook, leads the meat market at CM in typical “Old School Style”. Mr. Cook, a gentleman of high order, is an excellent purveyor of hoof and fowl. Hard to find items are stocked and their CM brand off shelf items are good. If given time they can get what you need no matter the item. Of course, the prices are high, for the most part, but….! The service in all departments has always been courteous. The deli offerings run the gamut. As does the prepared Foods Island, roughly the size of England.  Cheese selection is the best in town. The sushi pick up bar is fresh and well done.

Don’t go for Crest or TP, both unavailable… Nearby Target is better anyway.

My sole complaint, besides weekday and weekend crowds, is the baked goods section. The breads for the most part are really good with ample offerings for any purpose. The muffins, bagels and fresh tortillas abound. The sweets are beautiful. A varietal “Magic Mountain of them” but this arena displeases your HFG. Why, they simply don’t use enough sugar in their products. If I’m to splurge on a tasty gooey baked good, I want to suffer the indignity of such addiction.

If I ever win the Super Bowl and a reporter asks me where I’m going tomorrow, I‘ll simply say, “ I’m going to Central Market”.

The Fresh Fish Counter is the best in town…! Great coffee, plenty of seating and the people watching is a treat. Excellent selection and wine prices to beat the expected…!


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