Mark’s American Cuisine….. :) +

1658 Westheimer Road


Mark's American Cuisine on Urbanspoon

PhantastischTruth be known, Mark’s American Cuisine, is truly a high faluten spot, embodying the characteristics required to maintain its status as one of the best kitchens in Houston. The food, ambience and general demeanor of Mark’s is superb. They serve, when available, one of my favorite fins, Turbot! (Turbot is a European Flatfish akin to our Gulf Coast Flounder) Outrageously tasty fin!

The accolades this eatery has attained are so numerous and expansive in scope that a trip to their website is required to view their acknowledgements from far and wide. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed at Mark’s. They really put it all together. Every day they update their website to include what is offered on their menu. Not many places dare go to such extreme.

Mark’s has been around long enough to reach near institutional status amongst their competitors. They have already attained that level with me….!

One of our favorite wait staff is a lawyer during the day, and since a foodie, a waiter at Mark’s at night.

Go Pronto….!


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