River Oaks Donut

3601A Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77027




River Oaks Donuts on Urbanspoon
Well, ok, we’ve really needed a Donut place in our “Hood”. Does River Oaks Donut fulfill the need….? Perhaps, it’s simply too early to tell.

The concept is terrific. The convenient drive through is a delight. The offerings are aplenty. The Java from local roasters, Java Pura, is excellent as are the fillings for the Kolaches, all Praseks….! But the Donuts….?

My last foray was a tad disappointing. My latest, ethereal glazed morning treat was stale, cold and totally undistinguished in all regard. Some heat lamps over the bins might be appropriate. The glaze was skimpy and the proverbial soft pillowy gooeyness, so pivotal, to a true glazed,  was lacking if not altogether absent.

I hope this slight can be corrected because River Oaks Donut could be, should be, an outrageously wonderful addition to life. I’ll stick with my “Hoffy Twist”….

Pricing is competitive….!!!!


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