Shimp n Stuff (Galveston) :)

39th Blvd & Ave O
Galveston, TX


Shrimp & Stuff on Urbanspoon
I like Shrimp n Stuff. It is what it is….! Nothing fancy or gourmet here but an array of goodness may be discovered in their fresh and ample PO-BOY’S, rolls and loafs. The Oyster loaf, in season, is a good one. The Shrimp tacos are tasty as well as is the Shrimp Gumbo. This is a very casual place with both indoor and patio seating. It always seems to be crowded, a good sign. There is a new offering, Boudin Balls. I didn’t get try them but should you be into such delicacies toss care to the wind and have an order. I would prophesize a hit.

As long as you’re not looking for a Reef or Tony Mandola experience, Shrimp n Stuff  will fit the need for basic fried seafood staples of Texas Coastal environs.


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