New York Coffee Shop….Outstanding… :)+

9720 Hillcroft Ave. (just South of S. Braeswood)

Website: Unknown at this time…?
New York Bagels on Urbanspoon

I was introduced to this excellent breakfast nook by a New Yorker of impeccable taste. Outside of his most Texanish predilection to champion all things from the “Big Apple”,  his opinion of the Original New York Bagel is spot on…!

As I’m prone, Houston is relatively void of options championing the art of a leisurely full breakfast. Our space city is known for a glass of Tang, a coffee and a quick look around… The lost art of breakfasting is in full bloom at this Meyerland eatery. It is small and generally crowded but patrons move along quickly. Make no mistake, it’s Ok to drive out of your way to reach this oasis. You will enjoy the talent exposed by the hands on the Flat Top. Bacon and eggs, with crispy (ask) potatoes and a toasted will set you right for anything your day provides. Oh, when the check comes… you’ll think the capable friendly staff have made an error in your favor. Merely rejoice, pay the pittance and plan your next return.

I like it….! Reminds me of Dobbs House on San Felipe and Post Oak of yesteryear…!


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