Cotton Candy Grapes… :)

Available for a short time @ Central Market (Highland Village)

Well I’ve been reading about this new arrival on the planet, literally, and was somewhat skeptical of the item. For some reason, anticipatory thoughts of such a seemingly outrageous breed escaped me. When I walked into the store for my morning marketing I was greeted full face with an iced bin full of these aliens. I tossed fear of radiation to the wind, selected a bag, pulled a specimen and munched it up.


Not bad… I’ll try another….Better… Wow… Yummy…! Visions and memories of youthful visits to the circus, erupted and I smiled. A dopamine rush, you bet…!

Seriously, when you open the bag it smells like spun sugar. These grapes taste ridiculously similar to the 100% sugar confection. They did not taste artificial and thankfully no seeds. Thinking only of my dear readers I searched the store for the most attractive individual about (second opinion)… Sauntered up and simply asked if she’d tried one of these Cotton Candy Grapes. “Why no”, her reply. She reached into the bag pulled a grape, wiped it on my shirt and popped it into her mouth. She simply laughed.

If this report is not cutting edge to you, than you need dine out nowhere but Cleburne’s. (Don’t Go to this venerable establishment until after cocktail hour. Should you be tempted to dine at 4:30 like many of our empty nesting compadres, you’ll be stampeded…)




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