Aquarium, Kemah… :(

#11 Kemah Boardwalk
Kemah, TX 77565



Aquarium on Urbanspoon

Perhaps, sad to say, but truth be told, I’m not a fan of Landry’s cuisine. As previously mentioned, they ruined my favorite steakhouse(s) in town, twice, Brenner’s and Morton’s, although despite the group’s best efforts the latter remains pleasantly palatable. Consequently, a Landry eatery is a last-ditch thought on my culinary map.

Comes now an invitation to dine in celebration of an occasion. The venue….? Aquarium, Kemah….! Ugh, me thinks, are you kidding….? I was surly all day in anticipation of my forced decline into abject mediocrity. As your FoodGuy is prone, he asked his fellow dining mates what they’d like to eat before departing for dinner at The “Boardwalk”. Upon arrival it was rather pleasant to experience the matured grounds of the park. The seating along the Clear Lake channel was clean and nice with plenty of terrific views, floral color and greenery. It was an attractive area. Far better in the extreme than the old Jimmie Walker days. Our rendezvous with other guests was nice. A bar serving top shelf adult beverages, but no tonic water available, (are you kidding me), and tasty hors d’oeuvres, shrimp en brochette and mini crab cakes. Surprise, was all not lost…?  Damn, still no tonic…! After a bit, a buffet of the house favorites was spread and the queue began their forage. A salad right out of the SYSCO bag, a cold hard roll that was stale, steamed broccoli, broccoli Au gratin, cold fried shrimp ( the fried shrimp at Hobby Airport are better), chicken parmigiana (SYSCO maybe KRAFT), baked soggy fish with breading. Where is the tonic….! I forced myself to try, at least, a bite of everything.

The best thing was the steamed broccoli and it was too al dente…!

The sweats were ok and I asked if they were made in house. She replied with a big smile, “Oh no, sir they are made elsewhere”!

It cost $12.00 to use the mandatory valet whom politely informed me upon arrival that he would be departing two hours before the restaurant’s evening closure.  I almost asked him to take me with him…!

Needless to say the guests were a delight and a good time had by all. Should you wish to try Aquarium, eat before you go….!


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