Kolache Shoppe….:)

3945 Richmond Ave.

No Website….

Kolache Shoppe on Urbanspoon

HFGrated3I have really enjoyed the decades I’ve been ducking into the Kolache Shoppe for a well-deserved morning treat. The offerings are very tasty. The dough is sweeter than some but a perfect balance for the yeasty elasticity of the roll. The sweet fruity versions are excellent but the savory replete with Peno and cheese are, “el mejor que hay”. Grab a bag and a choco. Do not miss the Breakfast Special Kolaches. They are a larger egg filled version of the classics. Note: these “Juiced up” versions disappear early morning. I also enjoy the cinnamon rolls when cooked rare. Take a peek at them on the west back counter prior to ordering. Should they look over baked skip the notion.  I let the fact that they contain raisins, slide. Also, the ham and cheese keeps calling my name despite the over salty nature of the confection.  The Kolache Shoppe is a pop and go sort of place. The line in the morning presents difficulty for a relaxed petite jeune. The coffee appears to be whatever is on sale at Costco across the street, Maxwell House, Maryland Club et al. Undistinguished….!

Caveat: Get em while hot or have them blasted in the “Butter Melter” microwave….! Nothing more deflating than a cold Kolache. When near Greenway, treat yourself, be good to you….!


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