22 N. Chenevert
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HFGrated3I’ve always liked Irma’s even though it has been a roller coaster ride over the years. Currently, the highs outweigh the lows. When I was downtown I’d frequent Irma’s on a regular basis when Bertha’s shut her doors decades ago…! Bertha and I shared a common birthday. I’d take her a token remembrance and she would give me an off the menu dose of tres leches with a candle. Irma’s is comfortable and currently on a roll, serving Tex-Mex dishes truly made by heartfelt hands. The enchiladas and tamales, con carne, are good and about as basic as you can find amongst numerous pretenders. Breakfast has always been a hit with your HFG. I sorta stick with the basics at Irma’s but those that tred the waters of high haute dishes seem to enjoy them immensely. One of the keys to her success must be the freshness of her ingredients. I’m not certain, (an excuse to return soonest) but the telltale signs of SYSCO and Kraft Foods are not readily apparent. Oh sure, paper products, a spice or two, the artificial sugar, perhaps eggs and other pantry type products could very well be from these mass purveyors but on the whole frozenesque food stuffs do not appear. This is very appealing to me as is the Irma’s experience in its entirety.


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