Avalon Diner….:)

2417 Westheimer (Just East of Kirby)

Avalon Diner on Urbanspoon
HFGrated3Generations of Houstonians have enjoyed the “Avalon”. A very good eggs, bacon, sausage, pancake, omelet, diner / counterish type spot, worthy a visit by anyone at any time. The grilled English muffins are superb. The burgers just off the flat-top, very reminiscent of a bygone era. The service by both old and new friends is classic, “Old Houston Town”! I had an Uncle that was accustomed to inviting, the boys come to town sniffing around my adorable nieces, to an exclusive breakfast at his club. The fellows, invariably staying with me, would appear at my abode, and with noses held high they would proudly report that they had been invited to the Club for breakfast. Uncle always took them to “Avalon”. We thought it perfect.

Seriously good breakfast and quick counter type luncheon meals at this landmark. Locales get it and so do those from out of town. Both those from inside and outside the loop endearingly refer to “Avalon” as, Club Linoleum…!


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