Laurenzo’s Prime Rib….

4412 Washington

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HFGrated.5I am genuinely an aficionado of the Laurenzo eateries. In my opinion many of their offerings at numerous locales of varying cuisine are simply stellar.  I did not find the namesakes Prime Rib location to be up to this lofty endorsement or aspiration.

I travel along the Washington Ave. epicurean corridor frequently. I’ve been passing Laurenzo’s Prime Rib without succumbing to the sirens of one of my favorite meals so to rectify the situation I made a reservation when stimulated by a deal from “Living Social”. Our visit was considered an event and viewed with great anticipation.

Upon arrival I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to note that I could park myself without onerous efforts to valet my vehicle a mere distance of twenty feet. Good…! We were seated promptly in the nearly deserted dining room in a pleasant enough booth with grand views of the dwindling twilight along Washington. Looking left from my seat I was bombarded by big screens. Ok, sometimes they are appreciated, sometimes not so much. After a bit, a waiter ambled by, looked at his new seating and wandered off…! Upon his return we ordered a cocktail and provided him with the premium supplied electronically by “Living Social”. He took note of the coding, retired, literally, but finally brought our refreshments and a menu. We ordered an appetizer of fried calamari and wondered if they had some bread. Of course…! We never got the bread. The squid was unremarkable, heavy fried without adequate seasoning, we had to reach to the side for flavor (salt). We are generally not salt people. The Calamari was served with an excellent marinara type dipping sauce that was probably the best item enjoyed at table. A generous cut of Prime followed but was woefully tasteless. More flavor…! Ditto the fancy fries…! The split Caesar was essentially inedible for lack of anything approximating such a relatively simple salad. We did however feast on the Parmesan cheese shavings scattered about…! Finally some flavor. Further debacle ensued trying to get a replenishment of water and tea. Never happened. Once our server discovered we were on the coupon plan it was as if a barrier erupted between guest and house. The Prime rib was cooked to perfection but tasteless in its entirety. The au jus was no help but the horseradish sauce was the second best thing we ordered. The sautéed mushrooms were, soggy, bland and cold. I won’t burden you with the potato problems.

When asking for the check our semi-retired server got into a snit, the manager appeared and a “here we go” scenario was about to unfold. I paid the check and we departed.

I was disappointed….!



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