Sushi King…..

3401 Kirby (Upper Kirby @ Richmond)


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HFGrated2.5Prior to the infusion (pun intended) of Sushi based operations in our environ, there was Sushi King. Thank God…! The HFG family is fond of Sushi and we are fond of Sushi King. The basics are done well and have always been fresh or seemingly so. Sushi King is rather static in its offerings. Devotees come for consistency rather than outlandish new taste opportunity. To this end Sushi King excels. Tuna based Sushi and Sashimi are particular favorites as are numerous specialty rolls, including but by no means limited to; Fantasy, Poseidon, Cowboy, S.K. Roll, Spider and the Wild Essence.

Service can be and often is spotty. It all seems to work out but at times the onslaught of your order arrives en mass precluding a leisurely munch. I greatly prefer the rolling thunder approach where items arrive periodically. It’s like going to a Tex-Mex spot and ordering nachos as an appetizer to be followed by a # 6 and having it all arrive in bulk. At Sushi King we slow order as we go….! We’ll start with a couple of items and then order again as arrivals and hunger levels dictate. The tempura is generally good and not typically a grease fest.

Sushi King satisfies, admirably, the need….! When blown out on or by Uchi head West for worthy remedial help…!



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