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12225 Westheimer
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HFGrated1.5I’m a big devotee of a good burger. I really feel, that it is, day in and day out, hard to beat Beck’s Prime. On the basis of numerous reports, I recently visited, “The Burger Guys” and frankly I don’t see what all the fuss and raves are about…? We wandered in about 1:00 pm on a Saturday seeking a fix of burger goodness with a dash or two of fries to round out the experience. The place was a mess. Un-bused tables and booths. The floor was a sheen of grease in droplets and smears. The door handles were greasy and the walls were splattered with only God knows what…! Despite the despicable interior we placed our order, grabbed our drinks and literally slid into a booth. Yuk…!! We ordered a Sonoma and a Blue Cheese specialty with a basket of the raved upon fries which, of course, we needed to try. Along with the fries we enjoyed two of their fry sauce, homemade ketchup, and the C.J.B.C.  The fries were the best item we had. They were hot, well cooked, seasoned appropriately and thoroughly enjoyed. The burgers held high hopes but there were a few distractions of note. One nice thing, upon ordering at the register we were asked how we’d like our burgers cooked. They came out as promised. A good burger in its limitation, primarily the bun factor. This is an essential ingredient to any quality burger offering and the one housing the main event. It was toasted pleasantly but not fresh. The onslaught of staleness surfaced immediately upon bite. All of the toppings were palatable but a tad bit of last minute prep would improve the impact on the overall product. The beef was a tasty juicy mix and well-seasoned for the flattop.

I’ll admit I like a moist burger. Perhaps more than many. After eating a burger I can tell how it was enjoyed should I need to shower apres burger. I retired to the Men’s for a general wash down and was appalled at the condition of the restroom. It was filthy and totally unsanitary. No soap, out of towels of any sort, a river running through it….! I’ve been in better scrubbed Porta-Potty’s along the Texas City Dike after the fourth of July.

I must have caught this well beloved spot during a downtime….? I hope so….!


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