Vieng Thai….:)

6929 Long Point Rd.

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HFGrated3.5I’ve never allowed the locale or the exterior of an eatery dissuade me from entry, “Hey, I’m from Houston”. I go for what’s bubbling in the pot. No better example of this than “Vieng Thai”. The strip center is a tad rough and the surrounds equally so but upon entry you’ll find a tidy well kept room with caring service and food befitting numerous applause. I like Vieng! A lot…! While not my favorite, Kanomwan remains indelibly in my brain and taste buds, the kitchen here is worthy of whatever accolades that may befall. The soups and noodle dishes are lighter than most and seasoned deliciously. The Spring Rolls with peanut sauce are superb, best in town,…? The curries are true to form, if lighter than most local offerings of same, and are refreshing should such adjective be required. The vegetarian offerings encompass an entire page of the menu. There is something special at Vieng for whatever culinary Thai whim might erupt. The service is friendly, prompt and overtly courteous.

The ingredients are fresh and well picked. The spices tossed with a deft hand producing an appealing lighter plate that should satisfy the most discriminating Thai aficionados.

Vieng aims to please and does so gracefully with charm, quirky elegance and excellent cuisine.



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