Luling City Market…..

4726 Richmond

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HFGrated2.5Well you either like Luling City Market or you don’t. This is not Gatlin’s….! I like it on occasion when I need a break from my convenient, Goode Company. The Brisket is OK, at times too well done, for me, but such is the nature of these places. BBQ is a feel not a recipe. What works for one hunk “O Beef” does not necessarily befit the next. That’s one reason why cookers strive for consistency. When achieved it’s a glorious thing…!

Luling enjoys a loyal clientele mostly, it appears, centered on the pivotal full service bar. I imagine some bar regulars nibble a bit as well but I’ve yet to see it, regularly, and I was there the day they opened.  I imagine many patrons are watching calories and have decided to partake of liquid lunch. Nothing wrong with that given the current emphasis on health issues. In any event, beyond the watering hole lies a line that serves distinguished links and semi-tasty, if often dry, ribs in addition to the Brisket. You get a piece of brown paper, the amount of meats you wish, a couple of slices of Rainbow and a choice of relatively innocuous sides. The sauce is in a splash bottle and I like it. Why….? It’s different in a particular fashion from other similar offerings. The links are fancy. They are unusual. Soft packed and flavorful. Slathered in sauce on a sopping center cut piece of White bread, perhaps a slice of onion, AH….! Transcending. Note: This is a fine spot to take your banker for lunch to determine what he really thinks of your relationship. Luling is one of those places where it never hurts to have a banker at hand.

Luling can be a good diversion from your norm….!


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