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HFGrated3Well I finally made it, undoubtedly the last guy in town, to Bernie’s Burger Bus. I spent the morning paying forward at the Houston Food Bank. Wow what an operation….! During a break I hit the Bus website and discovered it was a short hop away at 2000 Lyons Ave. 2000 Lyons Ave. me thinks, well of course the Saint Arnold s Brewery. Talk about killing two birds with one stone….! We arrived a midst a downpour, found a spot on the street one place away from the Bus and proceeded to order with Thor hammering topside. A simple order it was, The Principal, The Substitute, and a regular fry. Within minutes we were paid up and dripping from the rain. Upon order delivery we raced to the Burb, settled in, tossed the A/C to max and enjoyed the experience. A very romantic setting there in the old angling vehicle. The burgers were good, as expected, mine with the Blue Cheese, Bacon and Onions would have benefited from a bit more Maytag like milder Blue. The buns were grilled to perfection with the hint of crisp that I find essential. The Principal was the standout of the day and a worthy come back to whenever opportunity avails.  The fries were good, fresh, hot, well-seasoned but might have used a bit of magic from additional menu options such as truffle oil, etc. Oh well next time….! The ketchup, believe it or not was exceptional, and a favorite. This is a well-orchestrated and constructed burger. Appealing to me and with the standout bun factor and residual juice from a nicely constructed patty, replete with hosts of options combines to a sumptuous experience. I’m a fan and on-board.

Note: I think it abhorrent that the City is so hard on these brave souls trucking delicious items through our venues. These food trucks are the wave and the city should bend over backwards to eliminate its provincial way in deterring them from opportunity to express their culinary creativity to our benefit.   It is simply stupid of the City not to embrace these pioneers. Having fun in our town = $. Council, get a life, cut this trend a break, it’s a good thing…..!



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