The “Juice Box” Diamond Club…..:)

Minute Maid Park – Diamond Club




HFGrated2.5I received a call just prior to the Texan kickoff Sunday with an invite to the season closer for the ‘Stros vs. Yankees. They were going to honor the “Mo”. As a youth I recall attending the initial opening of the Dome, where the Yankee’s centerfielder # 7 hit a home run straight over center field. The pre-game ceremony was terrific with all attendance behaving and honoring this certain Hall of Famer. Prior to heading to our seats, which were spectacular, we dined sumptuously on the tricked out buffet in the club. I’ll say this, I have never eaten a better spread at any Ball Park or stadium type spot, in my life. I started with a Crown of Pork rib that was perfectly cooked and very well-seasoned. a dollop of cheesy green oniony grits, a handful of flavorful Brussels sprouts, a beef filet, perfectly grilled, one egg benedict that was PERFECT, a tasty gooey cinnamon roll and chocolate ice cream. A winner all around, I was shocked, stupefied.

Wow, and I was hoping for a “Hoffy” dog.


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